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These are probably the main pillars, after all, of what it is to Fool in April, given the theory that April Fool’s can be traced back to a story of Chaucer’s in which some characters were misled by a fox on “March 32”.(Ironically, this may also be attributable to a misprint and it might have itself been May 2nd, and that is honestly the most perfect way for April Fools to originate.) This brings me back to .“You know, walking around hunched over, all disheveled, moping and sighing all the time. According to Birch, a bad attitude is contagious, and for a long time she had been in constant danger of getting dragged down a black hole by your relentless negativity, examples of which she went on to catalogue your refusal to go on dates, your resistance to regular exercise, your strained relationship with your mother and your recent breakup.

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It’s rapid-fire, which is extremely appropriate for the content of the episode itself, being Rick’s grand escape from intergalactic prison and the Council of Ricks. The viewer can see the progression, but sometimes you have to take a second to collect how it happened or rewind a few times (in the case of a particular bit in which a lot of body-switching takes place).Oh my god you were such an Eeyore – it was so funny.” Friends acknowledged your halfhearted smile and willingness to just go along with whatever Julie was going on about now.

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